Friday, January 1, 2010

To 2010! To Dream...

I'm not too big on New Year's resolutions. I think that if you really want to make change in your life, you can do it any day of the year. But as midnight approached last night, my family decided to announce our wishes (rather than resolutions). Health, happiness, and success were common threads among my parents, husband and sister. My mom wished that our baby of the family, an elderly black lab, would make it to another New Year celebration, which brought tears to many of our eyes. My sister wished that her dreams to make it to Japan to teach English will come true after years of planning and work. My husband dreamed that this year would be a little lighter on the passing away of family and friends (it's been a tough one).

My dream is to dream. To think big. To not count myself out; to not count anyone out. To try new things. To let things come as they may, but try my darndest to work towards my dreams. It's not really a resolution. Instead, a dream.


In a related, but slightly different direction... I excited opened a Christmas present to reveal a dream of mine for the past year or so:

Yes my friends... a KA mixer! I cannot wait to pull it out of it's packaging and get right to it. I hope to be able to make time away from my rotations to cook and bake to my heart's delight! Creations and recipes may follow.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS! May you dream to dream... and may your dreams come true!