Monday, March 30, 2009

3 Times in 4 Days

J and I have been to Michaels THREE times in the last FOUR days.  It's very dangerous to go there when you're in the crafting spirit -- much like going shopping when you are hungry.  I've gotten really excited to make more amigurumi (pictures of my projects so far will be posted shortly).  And at $1.50 a skein, I stocked up on yarn for my upcoming projects.

Additionally, I came up with an idea for making new cards -- including some simple jewelry pieces that contribute to the look of the card, including a chain for the detail.  That way you make a beautiful card, but also give a unique gift of a simple pendent necklace.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Distraction Indeed

Wasted plenty of time re-working the look of this thing.  Oh well.

I'm starting to write ideas down as I browse other websites and think about the stuff in my supplies that I would love to use up.  I will have to sort through it all and be inspired once exams are over!  Also, I desperately need to come up with a better way to photograph my work.  These pictures look terrible.

Ok, back to learning everything I don't know about the kidney (which is apparently still a lot).

Cannot wait to crochet and make cards.  Plus I think that I may experiment with Momma S's Sizzix when we go to visit.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Blog & First Cards

UPDATED: Used some fancier photo editing to make these look a little better.

First posting and first cards -- lots of firsts.

With LOTS of scrapbooking supplies on hand, but minimal time to dedicate myself to making all the books that I had planned, card making seemed like a great solution!  These are my first cards, and now that I've been following several other card making blogs... these seem quite pathetic.  I'm definitely going to experiment and try more layers and layouts to the cards (it's hard to break my habit of centering everything!).  More supplies are waiting for me at my parents' house, and hopefully they (and other blogs, events, etc.) will inspire me to keep going.

In other news, my friend J and I are planning some hardcore amigurumi making this weekend.  Pictures to be posted whenever I finally learn how to put my rusty crocheting skills to use!