Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Blog & First Cards

UPDATED: Used some fancier photo editing to make these look a little better.

First posting and first cards -- lots of firsts.

With LOTS of scrapbooking supplies on hand, but minimal time to dedicate myself to making all the books that I had planned, card making seemed like a great solution!  These are my first cards, and now that I've been following several other card making blogs... these seem quite pathetic.  I'm definitely going to experiment and try more layers and layouts to the cards (it's hard to break my habit of centering everything!).  More supplies are waiting for me at my parents' house, and hopefully they (and other blogs, events, etc.) will inspire me to keep going.

In other news, my friend J and I are planning some hardcore amigurumi making this weekend.  Pictures to be posted whenever I finally learn how to put my rusty crocheting skills to use!

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  1. Wow, that J person must be pretty awesome to be doing amigurumi with you! I wanna meet that girl! ;0) Can't wait to see what you guys make!! ps I made the first comment!!