Sunday, April 19, 2009

For the W...

Finishing up her senior film project has the thorn in her side and the albatross on her neck for quite some time, but this week, my sister had to the put in that final push to tie up all loose ends and submit her 15-20 minute movie.  As a little inspiration/ congratulations/ break from the monotony (for her and for me, I guess), I made this little ditty...

To My Director
(front, detail)

[And fabulous news just came in... not only did she like my card, but W was accepted into her undergraduate school's annual student film festival!  Hers will be one of 10-12 movies played this Saturday.  I will of course be going to see her this weekend... and hopefully continuing my studying at full force.]

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  1. I love the basket weaving idea. Looks so great!!!