Thursday, June 18, 2009

Out of This World!

This is my afternoon off. The first afternoon off since my birthday almost exactly one month ago. All my other afternoons (and evenings, and then the next mornings) for the past 6 weeks have been filled with books, and facts, and medical school stuff. Lots and lots of basic science medicine. But this afternoon, I'm done. Because tomorrow is it: my Step 1 US Medical Licensing Exam. So to celebrate, and to put good karma out into the universe, I wanted to post about a card that I sent to my sister last week.

I have sent a card to my sister before in congratulations of her work, but usually she is behind the camera. On this occasion, my sister was acting and singing in a community theatre production. Not being able to be there myself because of my affliction (read: studying until the cows, all of them, came home), I sent her my congratulations with this little guy:

Out of this World

This basic card was made with the following supplies:
  • SandyLion stamps (my first real stamps, not just the digital ones I've been using!)
  • Ink from Versa Magic (Mediterranean Blue and Silver)
  • Text was printed on my computer using fonts from Kevin&Amanda
  • Papers were from a block of paper scraps (that I bought centuries ago)

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